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Framing Design
is so crucial. "We can use it to not only enhance the artwork, but reinforce everything you are trying to do."
There was a time when custom framing was, in large part, an afterthought in the home. Framing treatments were put off until other decor elements were in place.
Whether you are framing a poster, your kids art or a fine work of art our custom framing will help reflect your taste and protect your piece for years to come.

Attitudes are quickly changing as home owners and designers realize that custom framing is not only integral to a room's design, it's often the first thing you and your quests see. Tables, chairs and sofas are largely functional; carpeting and curtains tend to recede into the overall decor. The purpose of framing, however, is to attract the eye and bring attention to the artwork it surrounds.

A customer approached us recently after returning from a European vacation. She was telling us about the beauty, architecture and wonderful places she visited on the trip and was hoping to frame some of the mementos She had collected. " How can I frame all of these things" she asked. She had little souvenir pieces, photos, small art and other small momentos.
We get caught up in the excitement and really like helping pick just the right framing. We have traveled all over the world via our customers art and photos that they bring back with them from their world travels.

Whose art is it, anyway?
It may be your art or your Grandmothers painting or your Grandfathers war medals. Vacation photos.The art may have been created by someone far far away but now it is yours to protect and cherish.
Handle it with care. Keep it protected until you can get it to a framer.

Consider the surroundings:
While you should certainly consider the room"s decor, you shouldn't always match the frame to the room at the expense of the art. We will help you decide what looks best with the piece and the room.
Take in consideration that you may redecorate some day.

With thousands of moulding samples available in our showroom, the task of choosing one may seem daunting, but our knowledgeable staff makes it easy.
Our employees and owners have been framing for well over 28 years and have the expertise to guide you through the process.

How To Visualize your project:
Technology is always getting better and better.
We have exclusive software that shows you what your art will look like framed before you decide. We just lay it on the table and take a picture of your art and will show you different mat colors and frame combos with a just a few clicks. We can also show your wall color behind the frame design! This new system takes all the guesswork out of framing.

It's all in the details.
Consider adding another detail.Leather framesFillets, mat treatments, creative openings, specialty papers and fabrics can add a distinctive look to your art. We are familiar with these options and can help yo decide what works with your item. Sometimes the smallest thing can make a difference. We just may surprise you with our attention to detail.

Fabric art and collectibles:
Fabric and textiles require careful mounting in order to preserve and display the piece without causing damage to it. Each article is hand stitched to retain its integrity and value. When glazing is used, we take care to place the glass so moisture will not reach the fabric. This usually requires a deeper frame and spacers.

Photographs are sometimes treated differently than other paper art. Vintage photos are always treated with special care. Older photos are especially susceptible to fading and knowledge of the proper glazing is crucial in order to preserve your priceless memories.

Kids Art:
Some of the best art in the world is kids art.
Kids have a way with color and texture and have no in inhibitions. Frame it up now to protect it.
Wall art doesn't have to be a Picasso or a poster. A great little kids painting , a rubber ducky, little race cars, a hand print: all are keepsakes that can be turned into great art for your walls. Can you create handsomely framed artwork from around your home? Of course! It all depends on how it is displayed and that is where eye catching custom framing come in.
Whether is is a collectible, needlework or sports memorabilia, you certainly have items around your house that would look great on your walls. Custom framing affords you expertise and a selection of framing materials to turn those keepsakes into art that will look great!

Come in and we will be happy to assist you with custom framing ideas on your beautiful new artwork! We offer quality framing at very competitive prices!

Julie Powell and Judy Nansel
The Artshoppe
23 S. Willson
Bozeman, MT 58715